V i s i t i l R o c c o l o d e l L a g o

Among the hills of Lake Garda, in the villages of Saline and Colombare di Lazise, lies the Roccolo del Lago winery, fruit of the collaboration between the Francesco Righetti and Giuseppe Campagnola estates.

The multi-generational experience acquired by the two families, their passion, and their constant dedication to quality viticulture that respects the environment, have led in the last decade to the creation of the “Roccolo del Lago” farm, which best expresses the typical wines of Lake Garda.

The estate extends along the eastern shore of the lake, embracing the morainic hills, in a unique and spectacular landscape that will enchant your eyes.

The entire estate is run with Certified Organic Farming.

Who we are

T h e F a r m

The Estate

L a n d s o f L a k e a n d W i n e

An expanse of vineyards and olive groves on Lake Garda. Let yourself be fascinated by the ancient Roccolo and immerse yourself in our organically farmed vineyards.


O u r V i n e y a r d

30 hectares of vineyards with certified organic farming, in full respect of the territory and the environment. From these soils we select the best grapes for the production of Bardolino Classico and Chiaretto, fruity and fresh wines that can best represent the wine production of Lake Garda. Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara are born on morainic soils of glacial origin from vineyards that follow a free spurred cordon training system.

Here, where Lake Garda regulates the climate of the territory and mitigates it to guarantee an average annual temperature of 15 ° C, expert hands follow the cultivation of the vines with loving care and dedicate themselves to the production of quality wines, combining the traditional experience with the most modern wine-making techniques.

Qui, dove il Lago di Garda regola il clima del territorio, lo mitiga per garantire una temperatura media annua di 15 °C, le mani esperte seguono con amorevole cura la coltivazione della vite e si dedicano alla produzione di vini di qualità, coniugando l’esperienza tradizionale con le più moderne tecniche di vinificazione.

Area: Lazise, Lake Garda, Veneto.
30 ha
Grapes grown: 
Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara
morainic of glacial origin.
Cultivation system:
 spurred cordon, with a density of 3500-4000 vines / ha
Certified organic cultivation.

Built in the mid-1800s, the Roccolo is a small three-floor building originally used by hunters to catch migratory birds with their nets.

This hunting technique was called Уaucupio, Ф from the Latin УaucupiumФ, avis (bird) and capere (take). Cages with decoy birds were placed on the plants. The nets were placed on the outer row of the plants in the grove.

The capture of the birds was helped by the call coming from the cages that attracted the migratory birds and by a special instrument used by the hunters called scarecrow (УstrambalФ in the Veronese dialect) which was thrown causing noise in the grove. The alarm caused by the scarecrow -УstranbalФ pushed the birds towards the capture nets.

The history of the

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