W i n e s h o p


O u r W i n e s h o p

Within the winemaking area, we have set up the brand new, modern Wineshop. Roccolo del Lago, offers visitors the products of its certified organic farms



We have equipped our wine-making areas with a brand new and modern wine shop.
Roccolo del Lago offers its visitors the products of its certified organic farms.
The “Roccolo del Lago” farm boasts fresh and fruity wines from Garda Lake – late harvest Corvinaclassic organic Bardolinoclassic organic Chiarettoorganic sparkling pink RoccoléCustozaorganic Chardonnay and Lugana. “Tenute Arances”, the emblem of the rich Friulian area offers organic Prosecco DOCorganic Grey Pinot DOC and the organic selection “Campo dei Gelsi”. “Caterina Zardini”, owned by the Campagnola family, is the excellence of the wine making industry and represents the eminent red wines from Verona:  Valpolicella classico superiore, Ripasso classico, Amarone classico Riserva and Recioto.


F r e s h a n d f r u i t y w i n e s f r o m L a k e G a r d a

"Forget the city, immerse yourself in nature."

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

O l i v e s f r o m o u r e s t a t e

Roccolo del Lago offers extra virgin olive oil obtained by the ancient “cold extraction” method, using the olives of our estate.
We also pick the fruits of our lemon trees and lovingly produce a limited quantity of organic limoncello.
Our wines are accompanied by a meticulous selection of our handmade cured meats and cheese


S u s t a i n a b l e a g r i c u l t u r e

As a farm, we are completely dependent on our surroundings, just as it is dependent on us. That is why we grow our products organically and sustainably.

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